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    Penetracje I and II by Leszek Szurkowski, 1974

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  4. Masuyama Sessai (1754 - 1819)
    The insect quire (Summer version)
    Edo period (19th century).
    Tokyo National Museum.

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  5. immediate follow-through

  6. This gif requires audio to fully appreciate one of the greatest musical moments in cartoons ever.

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  7. "..it was a time when i first realized the part the artist can take in indicating the traumas of a time and initiating a healing process, by that i mean i saw the relationship between the chaos i experienced and the process of sculpture. chaos can have a healing character if it is coupled with the idea of open movement to channel the warm of chaos energy into order or form."
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    Big Moe lettering sketch. Gonna clean it up and make it better soon.


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  10. had a good weekend, yes.

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    Louise Bourgeois’ “Femme-Maison” and Homer Simpson with a doghouse stuck to his head

    high art


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    Carlos C.

    Absolutely No Words 2, 2013

    Single Channel Video

  13. Martha Tinaut
    32x22 cm

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  14. Dieter Roth
    Bunny-dropping-bunny (Karnickelkottelkarnickel)
    Multiple of straw and rabbit droppings
    7 5/16 x 8 1/16 x 4 1/8 inches

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  15. Even your grave is the coolest. Keep at it, Rooster.