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    You take food stamps ?


    filler and pigment on panel,


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    I will never not reblog this. 

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    Beloved illustrator Mary Engelbreit blasted by fans over #Ferguson artwork #artnetnews

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    Daehyun Kim

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    Mads Lynnerup
    Gallery Counter
    Wood, flowers, doll head, wig, gallery information copies, chair and broom

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    "10 Year Plan"

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    The public throng to see her live.

    i’m living for this pug


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  9. leslie-martinez:

    Leslie Martinez
    Cutting Through
    scanned and reprinted printer streak manipulated

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    Florian Slotawa
    Hotel des Vosges, Straßburg, Zimmer 66, Nacht zum 13. März 1999
    Gelatin silver print
    20,5 x 26,0 cm
    10 2 AP 11 (via Hotel des Vosges, Straßburg, Zimmer 66, Nacht zum 13. März 1999 by Florian Slotawa at Sies Höke)

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    Ryan Gander
    The way things collide (condom, meet USM cabinet), 2012
    Beech, 85.8 x 45 x 74.5 cm (via Ryan Gander | Artists | Lisson Gallery)

  12. skin-and-teeth:

    Alex Hamrick
    Untitled (Photo Documentation At Pigeon Cove, Rockport, MA), 2014
    Photographed by Leslie D. Bartlett

    Original Work: Cut Wood, 36 1/2” x 60 1/2”

    Digital Print (Edition of 10): 11” x 17”


  13. Thanksgiving
    I am at the grocery store with my father. We have a package of fettuccine pasta, a tub of basil pesto, and a bottle of reasonably priced red wine when he asks me if there is anything else that I need. I tell him no, because you can’t buy intuitive solutions for pain at a grocery store, and because I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a 10 oz. cardstock box with a three color machine printed label that says Clever Ways To Elude Important Questions That You Are Afraid Of Answering By Instead Addressing The Perceived Underlying Structures Behind Their Asking ever lining the shelves next to bandages, pre-inflated balloons made of reflective metallic plastic, or generic greeting cards posturing as unique and intimate moments to stand in place of your ability to succinctly and accurately inform someone of your feelings.

    -Alex Hamrick

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    Meat Stacks by my friend, Leah Netsky 

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    By Olafur Eliasson, this breathtaking installation at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art of a river running through the museum is astounding. It is such a realistic, natural landscape the museum could have been dropped on top of the river itself for how pristine it looks. This site-specific installation is a focus on experience, and how the viewer senses their surroundings. 

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